Why is Online Reptuation Management important to your business?

The internet has so many websites that allow customers to publish reviews online.  Many people search for reviews before making a purchase decision so it is important to maximize your presence across these platforms so your potential customers can hear about your products or services.

There may be instances when a bad review is published and some business owners either respond defensively or not at all.  This can be more damaging to the business’s reputation and it would always be best to respond professionally.

PMI recognizes that a bad online review is an opportunity to promote the qualities of your attention to customer care and turn a bad review into a new sale.

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Managing your Online Reputation

PMI can help monitor your reviews or provide you with guidance on how to respond.

Some negative reviews are made by genuine customers, some are simply the user submitting reviews to the wrong business in error and some may be a negative tactic by competitors or SEO professionals that have been paid to review bomb your business.

We will assess your current review process to identify and integrate a process that will encourage your customers to leave more reviews on popular review websites.


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