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Having a consistent social media presence is important for branding and marketing, but there are other reasons to ensure that your brand accounts align with one another.

First things first: you need to ensure that your brand accounts align with your business and its goals. This requires a general audit of your social profiles with an emphasis on branding and marketing messaging.

Search Media Optimization

Auditing your Social Media Accounts to ensure that they are in line with your website SEO strategy, and branding guidelines and cater to your target market.

Social Media Strategy

Developing a Social Media Strategy to identify opportunities and generate leads via social media platforms is the best fit for your product and services to reach your target market.

Social Media Marketing

Understanding your website traffic data and target market helps us manage your Social Media Ad campaigns at strategic times to maximize your ROI from social media advertising.

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Ottawa Social Media Optimization

We know it, you know it, everyone knows it — social media is key to growing your business. But let’s face it, with so many social media platforms, it’s nearly impossible to master them all alone. That’s where Social Media Optimization (SMO) & Social Media Marketing (SMM) comes in.

For example, some details to consider when it comes to Social Media Account Optimization include:

  • Branding and creative visuals that are consistent with your business’s online presence (logos, fonts, hashtags, taglines, and slogans)
  • An appropriate link and/or call-to-action that sends visitors to the proper landing page
  • Marketing messaging and languages that match your current promotions


Think of your social presence as a sort of gateway to your products and brand. Assuming that this is someone’s first encounter with your business, consistency counts for the sake of keeping customers engaged and not potentially confusing them.


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