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WordPress is the most popular website-building platform and CMS on the internet.

It’s easy to use, and its open-source code makes it free for anyone to use.

WordPress has been around since 2003, but it still has an active community of developers and users who contribute regularly to its development.

PMI has over 14 years of experience in developing custom WordPress websites and developing custom WordPress plugins.  Whether you are looking for a basic information website or blog to a more advanced website that is integrated with 3rd data via APIs, our Ottawa WordPress developers can help.

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Experts in WordPress Website Development

Website development is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. It allows you to connect with your customers and prospects, provide information about products or services, and build trust with potential clients. When done correctly, your site can also be a lead generator that converts interested people into paying customers.

The best way to create a successful website is by hiring a professional WordPress Website Developer who knows how to create effective websites that are both attractive and easy to navigate. There are many different types of developers available:

  • Front-end developers specialize in creating the visual elements of websites, such as images and text. They work with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (HyperText Markup Language), JavaScript, and other languages used for creating web pages.
  • Back-end developers focus on the back end of websites, which includes databases and server software like PHP or ASP.NET (Active Server Pages). These developers also create custom code that interacts with databases to store information about customers, products, or other data on a site’s servers.
  • PMI combines both website design skills and WordPress coding abilities to create compelling WordPress websites that attract visitors while also providing them with relevant information about products or services being sold by companies online today!

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Ottawa Responsive WordPress Websites

Desktop and Mobile Friendly

We develop all our WordPress websites with an emphasis on SEO and user functionality and can accommodate custom designs from PSD files or simply customize an existing premium theme to save you money.

Today, there are thousands of excellent WordPress Themes which are a great starting point for a low-cost option, and many freelance designers are prepared to design a website based on your company logo.

It is very common for designers to have learned their trade from a Print Media background and their beautiful design may not be practical for a responsive website. We can work with your website designer to ensure that they incorporate good User Functionality (UX) and accommodate a responsive layout. PMI is one of Ottawa’s best WordPress development companies.


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