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WordPress Plugin Developer Services in Ottawa

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and manage websites. Because of its popularity, there are many plugins that can be added to your website.

Some WordPress plugins are free to use and some are premium plugins that have a nominal fee attached.  However, when there is not a plugin available that works for your business needs, P.M.I. is able to tailor-make a WordPress plugin for your website.

We develop WordPress plugins and themes to extend functionality and provide new features. Propose, build and test new ideas, with a strong focus on high quality code.

We can integrate your WordPress website with 3rd Party data such as vacation rental software including Escapia and Streamline VRS.

A WordPress plugin developer needs to understand how the WordPress CMS works in order to create effective plugins. They also need to know how to code in HTML, Javascript, JSON, and CSS so that they can develop their own custom features for the site.

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